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WWW: World Wide Web (WWW)

What is www ?

The World Wide Web (WWW) is a system of online substance that is arranged in HTML and got to through HTTP. The term alludes to all the interlinked HTML pages that can be gotten to over the Internet. The World Wide Web was initially planned in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee while he was a contractual worker at CERN.

The World Wide Web is regularly alluded to just as “the Web.

World Wide Web (WWW)

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The World Wide Web is the thing that a great many people consider as the Internet. It is all the Web pages, pictures, recordings and other online substance that can be gotten to through a Web program. The Internet, conversely, is the fundamental system association that enables us to send email and access the World Wide Web. The early Web was an accumulation of content based locales facilitated by associations that were in fact sufficiently talented to set up a Web server and learn HTML. It has kept on advancing since the first plan, and it presently incorporates intelligent (social) media and client produced content that expects practically zero specialized abilities.

We owe the free Web to Berners-Lee and CERN’s choice to give away one of the best developments of the century

Who is invented www

The World Wide Web was originally designed in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee while he was a contractor at CERN

Google Doodle celebrates World Wide Web’s 30th birthday

Thirty years prior Tuesday, 33-year-old programming engineer Tim Berners-Lee presented a proposition to his supervisor that would set the innovation world ablaze and introduce the data age.

Berners-Lee was working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) outside of Geneva, Switzerland, in 1989 when he submitted Information Management: A proposition. It was a proposition to more readily oversee and screen the stream of research at the labs, however inside its pages were the underpinnings for what might end up known as the World Wide Web.

#Yuo island

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Yuo is very small wonderful island. It’s located in dogreto bay . Mushu island, kairiru island and keresau island three big islands are nearly located yuo island.

It is very small island parts of mainland of papua new Guinea. This island have 1km area.

it’s best place for conut ,sea and sea beach lovers her holidays

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  • Full Name: Yuo Island
  • Primary Country Code: PP (Papua New Guinea)
  • First-order administrative division code:11 (East Sepik )
  • Region Font Code: 5 (Asia/Pacific)
  • Unique Feature Identifier: -2204318
  • Unique Name Identifier: -3050777
  • Latitude in decimal degrees: -3.416667
  • Longitude in decimal degrees:143.483333
  • Latitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 3° 25′ 00″ S
  • Longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 143° 29′ 00″ E

The following two days we spent at a little island simply off the coast, somewhat north of Wewak. Our visit administrator has an association with the head of Yuo Island, who works a visitor house. very crude – no power or running water, however is 10 feet from the water. It is the ideal spot to simply unwind and take in some south pacific sun and surf.

Robert (the boss) gets his at the dock at Wewak and it’s a hour outing to the island. Shockingly, the tanker that conveys fuel to Wewak just arrived the earlier night thus there was a fuel deficiency around the local area.

we took a PMV a hour north and after that a short banana pontoon ride to the island.

The arrival trip, we took the greater watercraft to Wewak (in the pouring precipitation), so Robert could renew his fuel tanks as the fuel had since been appropriated to service stations and the lack was finished.

Tragically, we came up short on fuel before we got to Wewak and Robert and his children kept running along the shoreline sufficiently searching extra fuel to get to Wewak. There is a truism in PNG: ‘Expect the unforeseen’.

A remark on nearby transportation. The vehicle of decision is the banana watercraft, which is a 6-7 meter fiberglass angling pontoon. It has no seats; boards are refreshed on the gunnels for this reason. Everything gets heaped in and enveloped by canvases to keep things dry – gear, produce,

whatever. Have no any lifejackets fueled by a Yahama 30 or 40hp detachable. 20 minute stumble over to Yuo Island . . We won’t make reference to that we found the channel plug was out, part route through the voyage.

For the majority of 2 days, we swam, angled, drank lager or potentially Radlers, paddled hole kayaks, ate well and laid in loungers on a shoreline in a local town on a south pacific island. One of Robert’s eight children, Tony, took us fish angling.

We got 6 fish in a hour and grilled them for lunch. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Other nearby fauna incorporate natural product bats (or flying foxes) – substantial bats that make a great deal of clamor in the trees over your head – and bandicoots, which are a rodent like creature that local people catch and meal over the flame. In the water we saw an ocean wind, a turtle, ocean ponies and bunches of reef fish and coral.

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Yuo meaning and details history

Hey you are excited to know “Yuo meaning and details history” . Yours mind have many different types of questions. What is yuo? Many of people know “yuo” is misspelling of you . It is slightly different your thoughts. It’s ery different between two word .

It is a sername which use many origin people. This sername manly use in China and USA( United states of America) a very low population.

Some examples:

DR. Yuo, Ph.D. is an expert in Montrose, California. DR. After graduating from the National Medical College in Taiwan in 1976, I have been practicing for 43 years. He graduated from a public medical center. She is also a geriatrician.

He is currently a doctor. Connect to Yuan Yu and Advent Medical Center in Glendale. She received several insurance packages, including Aetna, Medicare and Cigna. DR. U was certified for internal diseases.

About Dr. Sang Yuo MD

Dr. Sang Yuo, MD is a Doctor primarily located in Bakersfield, CA, with other offices in Apple Valley, CA and Hanford, CA . He has 50 years of experience. His specialties include Anesthesiology. He speaks English.

You can search in https://www.Facebook.com find out many people use this word in her name. Some names are and many names is true.

This sername Family History

Historically, a family name has become a way of grouping people based on their physical characteristics, such as occupation, place of origin, clan membership, protection, child care, adoption, and even redhead. Many moderns in the dictionary are associated with England and Ireland. You know more
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Similar type of sername :

Yu, Ku, Wu, Xu, Ko,Guo, Luo, Huo, Kuo, Lu or etc
You can’t imagine how many sername accrued the world. So it is one type of sername.

Conclusions :

#.Y.U.O= “The Young Urologic Oncologists”

in this article I am what is “yuo” .where is used. It is very controversial topic. you decided which is correct. I think it’s a sername Wright answer.
In next article I shear some interesting facts about related topics. More Reading

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