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Some small business ideas for You
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Today many of people want to become an Entrepreneur. You want to become an Entrepreneur? You want to start yours own business? Your mind has a lot of questions? Like money problem, businessideas, etc. In this article I shear some “small business ideas “ which you can starts with least investment.
Don’t lose yours dream .my reader you can ever think. Our society many of successful business man start her won business without high investment and without any formal business education. Why we can not successfully.
Luckily we live in modern days. We can find a thousand of “small businesses ideas”. Your mind had more ideas, please shear your ideas with us in comments box.
Business is mainly four types. You want to know what is a type of business? Click here.
In this article I shear all categories top “small business ideas“.

1 Manufacturing Business Ideas

1.Home Made Soap:
Home made soap is a very high profit less expensive business model. You can start home-made soap business from yours home. This business is very effective online and offline both Market. You can list your products on online shopping sites like Amazon, flipkart, etc.
Home made soap
It is a very first growing business. Home made soap is a first moving consumer good. It is very essential goods and uses billions of people in daily life in the worldwide
You can make verity of soap like personal use, veterinary use, laundry use. In person use soap dominated by large FMCG companies. Don’t worry my readers many of people very like natural home-made soap. So it is very big opportunity small Entrepreneur. Before you starting this business need to know how its made how much money requires and everything. Click here

  1. Home made crafts.
    Home made craft is another low investment business. You can make thousand of home-made craft and find some unique home-made craft from YouTube.
    3.T-shart printing:
    T-shirts printing is very less expensive business. Today it’s a very big, growing industry. There are many ways to start your business and print the t-shirt. The wide range of machines are available in the market. To choose any one printing method depends on your Marketed.
    This business can start within 1 lac rupees. You can sell the product at online and offline both Market.
  2. Making of teddy bears:
    Teddy bears are a of the evergreen products. It’s a mainly girl and baby based Industry. It’s a high profit and low investment business model. Easily a person starts with in 50k rupees. The teddy bear making business is a creative working business. These businesses are suitable for the creative person.
    Teddy bears making
  3. The leather bag making:
    Leather bag high-class and price products. Number of customers is low, but profits are high. It is a slightly higher investment business than other business. You can start this business within 1 lac to 5 lacs is a another creative business filled and thousand type of bag you can make.
    6.Paper making Business:
    Paper making is a low-cost business idea. The paper Market has huge potential. The papers are huge used in education, news paper Industry, and other Industry. In a paper making business getting success are very high. You can start Approx In 1lac-2lac .
    7.Manufacturing of Envelopes and folders file:
    Envelopes and folders file are another low-cost manufacturing business. The folder file and Envelopes are demand in school, post office, bank and in a corporation and other sectors. You can make two ways of making folder file and Envelopes.
    First is machine and second is hand-made. Used any one method.I recommended going for a machine. It is very simple and less costly. The capital Required approx 1 lac.
    material -Hydraulic press, raw materials, paper-folding.

8.Home made bakery:
If you are looking for home-made biscuits making business. So you Can starts home-made biscuits making business. Approx 25000 to 50000 to rupees you can starts the business. There are two ways of making biscuits, first is hand-made and second is using a machine. Material is required wheat flow, sugar, grinder mixture.

  1. Jam and jelly making:
    Jam and jelly making is a small food making business ideas. This business you can starts from home. Jam and jelly are huge used for making cake, cookies and etc. Jam and jelly are used in the home as well as the restaurant. You can start Approx 25000 to 50000 rupees. Fruits, citric acids, food grade color are required in this business.
  2. Hair oil manufacturing:

Hair oil is a very first FMCG goods. This Industry many dominated by big companies. There are many people like ayurvedic hair oil .So it is very big opportunity for small Entrepreneur. It is a low investment business idea and can easily setup at your home. Providing your consumer good quality and non- sticky with good fragrances. This business starts approx 30000 to 60000 rupees.
Material base oil, herbal extract, performed, bottle and mixing machine.

  1. Sports items manufacturing:
    Sports are very big famous business Industry. Many varieties are products make. This business can start with in 2 lac to 7 lac .
  2. Candles doing business:
    Candle are high demanding goods. This business you can starts with in 30000 to 50000 rupees.
    Wax, dye, moulding, perfume, equipment for holding hot wax, etc. is required in a candle making business.
  3. Toy manufacturing business:
    The toy is a another low investment business. Endless opportunity in this business you can starts this business within 5 lac rupees.

services business ideas

1.Social media marketing services:
You have good social media marketing knowledge, so you can start own social media marketing consultants company. It is a very less expensive business idea. The social media marketing is very huge opportunity in the future. Every small to big company required her social media presence for business growth. You can start this business within 1 lac.

2 SEO(search engines optimism) companies:

The SEO company offers search engines optimization services to help them online growth. You starting work in online probably heard about the benefits of SEO. Every online or any online business needs SEO.SEO ( search engines optimism) is huge effect in the any kind of online growth. Without SEO you can not increased traffic that means don’t increase your earnings. Today millions of websites making in a day, so it’s very big opportunity for staring your own SEO company. You can start with in 1 lac rupee.
3.Photograph selling company:
Today millions of websites making in a day. This website Use millions of photographs in a single day, so it’s very big opportunity for staring your own business. You can start with in 50,000 rupees.
3.Web hosting company:
Web hosting company is a high profit business idea. It is slightly higher investment business ideas. You want the start this business with low investment, you can go 3rd party web hosting services providers.
4.Travel Agency Company:
The Travel industry is a very big business Industry in worldwide. First you start home base travel agency company. It’s cost-effective method and easy to set up. This business starts around 10,000 rupees. The travel agency business is fit for training the interested person. Business has growing to second level than you can transfer manually to the automatic. Make your business websites that help your business growth.

  1. Home made food services:
    This type of business is suitable for a city. It is a one of the east costly business ideas. You can start around 10000 or less rupees.
    why I am telling you blogging is business idea?. Yes, my friends blogging is a business idea. You can use yours websites as a business platform depending on your stage. Many of way use blogging are a business platform.
    The blogging is a type of websites that focuses on written content also known as blog post. You can make mainly two-way first is using bloggers and second is WordPress or other type. The bloggers are a Google content writing platform. It is a total free of cost and easily add your custom domain. The WordPress is another way of making websites. It is not free required some investment.
    YouTube is a another business idea. It is use advertising, sponsorship many ways you can earn money from this platform.
    You tube
    All the “small business ideas” based upon least investment. You can choose any type of ideas that are suitable for you. Before choosing any ideas defined your area of interest. I think without interest you can not successfully in the business.
    I am shear in this article some “small business ideas”, you want more business ideas tell me in comments box. You want to share your business ideas, or your story

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